R.E.D. January….a great idea they said, and it is!

Now this running lark is still happening. Yes, I am still at it. Mostly down to the great bunch of people at RunMiddlewich. It gets me a bit of time to myself, keeps me from hitting the size of a small elephant and keeps me up to date with all going on around town. Oh yes, and I joined the committee so there is planning meetings in the pub.

In December we posted up on Facebook several races for 2018, signed up for a few and then I seen one post for R.E.D January, where you literally run every day in January with the focus being that you can keep away the January blues with getting out for some exercise. It is organised by the charity Mind, a fabulous mental health charity who want to raise awareness and get people talking about mental health.



Alongside this some wise guy posted another challenge webpage called Race at Your Pace, where you choose the mileage you wish to cover in the month of January, many of us opting for 75 -100 miles.


medal challenge

So now, in the coldest, darkest month we are finding time to get out there everyday. I am on Day 3 today and I ran 7.7km. In howling wind. Day 2 was at silly oclock in the morning. Tomorrow will be similar. And at the time its horrible, its cold and sometimes wet, its tough but I am determined to do it. I am rubbish at healthy eating and diets, but this I quite enjoy, well I certainly enjoy the sense of achievement afterwards. I love that there is a whole online community willing each other on, people who are sharing their stories on Facebook and Instagram. People who have had horrible experiences taking this challenge of RED as a step to see daylight. Also just everyday people wanting to put some good back into their world.

So if you see people out running this month, more than you would normally, they could be doing this challenge, so give them a smile and a wave, a toot of the horn. Will them on as you never know when you may need the support yourself.



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