House Hunting….

OK. You have decided what town you want to live in, its time to find your ‘home’.

We rented for a while to get the feel for the place, checked out the schools, have the little munchkin happily settled into nursery, got jobs nearby but also work from home a bit so space is getting tight and I really want to settle down now all in the one house (we have another that gets used when my partner has his boys and mine are also home so not enough sleeping space!). House 2 gets neglected and so needs sold or rented out, meanwhile we need to find ‘the one’….

I was given a fab idea by a running friend of mine, draw up a spreadsheet (I am liking this already) and make a list of things that you can note as you go round.

So I have four sections: ‘cannot live without’ , ‘would really, really like’ , ‘sensible necessities’ , ‘could maybe live without’.
You can imagine how this is going to end up. He wants man cave and I want a summer house and hot tub. We need a dishwasher and integrated appliances (really prefer eye level ovens) and an office that can fit two work stations far enough apart so that I cannot feel my desk shake as he thumps his keyboard…

Then there is the outside space. Anyone that knows me, knows that I light the bbq at the drop of a hat. In fact we do hot dogs on Christmas Eve so you can imagine that this space is important to me. I like room for kids and adults (not necessarily in the same place), playhouse, slide, sandpit and I just know they will want to bring that trampoline.

And then there is my eldest. Who is worse than the other half for tools. He has half of B&Q mixed with every deal from Aldi and Lidl and throw in some of Screwfix. So possibly a garage, but not for a car. Oh and yes, we need space for three cars.

Now believe it or not where we live has quite a few places to view and so we have started the process.

The estate agents have been fab, the poor guy was probably left a little shell shocked as our three year old launched himself on the beds and sofas declaring he was staying and daddy was going to get his brothers! But we have more to see. There is something fab about walking through peoples houses…and my other half and I wander round checking out the pictures on the wall, and he even opened the wardrobes (checking out the space he was saying but I know differently!)…but it is true that you get a feel for somewhere, you get a warmth.

So we have a few to see this weekend, and then we can decide to move on to the next stage. I hate to even think about the packing. That will require several bottles of wine and a rather large skip I reckon (tools, ahem).


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