Week 1…and no one was harmed in the process. Yet.

Lets not beat around the bush. Week 1 was not a breeze were I lost 9 pounds and feel like a new person.

Week 1 was a steep learning curve of spending the first few days doing it all wrong and going to the pub and physically asking for a Slimline tonic with a slice of lime.

I emptied my cupboards of all the out of date stuff, anything that looked like it might cause me issues (mainly Pringles) and went out and spent about £35 on spices and bags of pears.

Once I sat down and read the whole Slimming World thing properly I realised I didn’t need to be eating like a rabbit ALL the time but yes, most of the foods I liked to eat were pretty much in the naughty list. So it was time to search the lists, do some shopping for actual food and get some time to actually cook it.

So I am kind of adapting it a bit as I like my Fitbit, have learned to enjoy the gym and running on a treadmill (basically I have my iPhone wired up and can watch 30 mins of EastEnders as I run. Result.) so I ended up doing at least double the exercise I was set to do. I still end up eating late as I am afraid my 3 year old will not really deal with that much salad and spat out the couscous, and my 18 year old, well, there are no words….

So I am adopting the healthy eating bit, more veggies than meat, no tinned sauces, no jars. Fresh fruit instead of sausage rolls, two slices of bread a day, wholemeal of course and drinking 2 litres of water a day. Stay away from high fat items and trying to keep the whole she-bang under 1800 calories as per my Fitbit food intake programme. Oh, and Fry Light, a spray thing that is about a calorie a spray. Great stuff! I can still get a roast potato of sorts!

For me the calorie counting has a benefit as I am quite horrified of what I was eating and drinking. This keeps me reminded that that few biscuits CAN make a difference and wine is the devil’s work in calorie counting! The recipes of Slimming World are great and have given me a lot of better ideas of how to build in pearl barley and a thing called Quark…

So at Day 9 I weighed, and I had lost 3.5 lbs. That will do for me, and since I was messing it up the first half of the week I am quite happy with that.

Half way through week 2, tests came mind you when we were meeting family at the weekend for a birthday celebration….yes, I had the prawn cocktail sauce, and I had a small dessert, enjoyed my main course with no chips in sight and ran 7.5km in the gym the next morning. We took the kids swimming and took turns in the sauna and generally left feeling like we didn’t just put on half a stone!

So I am approaching my next weigh in day with a tad of trepidation, as I hope I will have at least stayed even, but I would love to have lost another few pounds. What I am happy with however,  is the new energy I have, the fact my skin doesn’t feel so dry and I can be smug at the check out with my 2 bags of pears, half a field of savoy cabbage and carrots, and a ton of wholemeal pasta!

So there we go, I have survived, only had about 2 cups of coffee all week, and no one has died! Next week could be different!





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