Just a quick one today to yell YES!!! Today I am winning. Today I am conquering my little Everests.

I set off with Kieran first thing to the childminder, he is off on a trip to the farm today so to make it to her house about 150m away with his pants still dry was a feat in itself.

Beds stripped, three zillion towels ready for the washing machine. Our clothes getting ready for our trip to the lakes are done, drier on, line filled. Boom!

I finally filled the cookie jar after a quick stop to the supermarket and did not forget the little washing up scouring pad thingies that I have forgotten every trip for about the last three weeks. The kids have looked with little forlorn faces at the crumbs and broken bits in the bottom of the jar for the last few days and I just love that little delighted squeak my 18 year old still gives when he spies the cookie jar filled with goodies!

For dinner I have actually remembered to take out the meatballs from the freezer and that hideously expensive pasta sauce from Waitrose I have had lurking behind the frozen chips is finally going to get used.

My email inbox for work is finally sorted, things printed out in neat piles for me to sort out this afternoon and, wait for it….I have a hot cup of coffee beside me. There are no words for this tiny joy.

I still need to wash my hair, hoover the stairs and redo the beds, but for now I am winning. I have coffee, cookies and little green scouring pads.




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