Spring Has Sprung!

It is Friday! The sun is out and Spring most certainly has sprung!

After a crazy busy few days with work related deadlines, it is now Fun Time Friday! To be fair I started last night with an Indian takeaway and a bottle of wine, oh and some Mini Eggs.

So today I woke up to a clear crisp morning, blue skies and that feeling that the year has turned from winter grey to spring time blue and green! It is amazing by just how the weather can put a real spring in your step and make the world a better place.

After work, I need to do a little shopping and then it is time for me and a certain 2 year old to hit the park, maybe even get chips on the way home.

Pete has got to grips with his new role and is picking up his new car today. A BMW…yip he will turn into one of THOSE drivers within about 15 minutes of ownership! So no doubt there will be much driving this afternoon ‘just to get the feel of it’!

Adam will inherit the Corsa so is now going hell for leather to get his test so has booked a series of two hour lessons! It is also the first weekend since he turned 18, so he has a date with a few beers in the sun with his friends after work!

So let the weekend begin!

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