We Need More Playing In The Rain


Yesterday was one of those compulsory almost-Spring days where you decide to go to a garden centre, spend £118 on pansies, plant pots, bags of soil and for our special purchase, a bird table thingy.

So this morning at 7.30, Kieran was getting his wellies on as I had promised we could sort out the bird table rain or shine. And it was pelting it down.

So there we are in the pouring rain, putting together this bird table, spilling bird feed everywhere. The local ducks, swans and half of the pigeon population of Cheshire will be making a beeline for my garden. However listening to Kieran’s chuckles and watching his complete delight at being out in the rain wearing his jammies, wellies and coat just made my Monday morning.

So now as I feel it is already about 4 pm (it is only noon), and at my desk,  I look out at our handiwork and just hope Kieran gets to see the odd bird come down to sample our delights! Monday mornings should always start with a little playtime in the rain.




One thought on “We Need More Playing In The Rain

  1. Love being out in the rain with kids. Give the world a different perspective. Sure it’s only water.

    Hope you get lots of birds coming to visit. You should get a bird book and keep a record of what you see.
    The RSPB will have lots of downloads and colouring in things Kieran will love .


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