The Little Things.

There is something to be said for lying in bed at midnight, with a glass of sauvignon blanc, a bag of Mini Eggs playing Candy Crush.

In fact at that minute it really doesn’t get much better.

The other day my eldest checks his passport to find out its expired. We go on holiday in June so I said not to panic, loads of time. But no, he is off to Amsterdam with his dad for his 18th. In two weeks time. Cue googling of passport delivery times, post offices, passport offices and who can verify photographs. Ok, so now we need to schedule in a photographic session at a kiosk in Morrisons.  Forty five minutes later we have secured an appointment in Liverpool and a 7 day turn around and given my ex husband a mini heart attack.

Crisis averted.

So after a day of racing from toddlers swimming class, and yes I forgot to bring my underwear (as I wore my swimsuit under clothes for speed at the pool), work, some shopping and acquiring the photographic session in Morrisons, some days are just more of an adventure than others. But tonight I have a date with Chicago Fire season two, my Mini Eggs and a large glass of white wine. I am no longer fussy on the type as long as its cold and comes without anyone chirping in my ear.

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