The Mum-atron

So where did this strange nickname come from?

Back about ten years ago I worked in Belfast with a lovely girl, who was in love with every episode of Sex In The City and had more dresses and shoe combos that I have seen! She used to be rather impressed by my juggling act, single mum of an eight year old, going to college to study for my accounting technicians exams , a trustee to a charity, working full time and my ability to have quite a crazy social life when my ex husband did daddy duty.

I was the one to dole out ‘super advice’, I was the Mumatron! My house had revolving doors, my niece came to live with us for a time whilst she had her baby,  my son loved our crazy house with friends always in and out. However it was not all fun and games. I was a stickler for not having kids who were brats. We had homework battles, we had rows over chores and all the usual stuff. My eldest son has always grown up with watching me work hard for all I have achieved, nothing came too easy, we work hard so we can have good times.

So I guess I made it look like I was so on top of it all, juggling my world like one of those annoying Stepford Wives.

Well no. This is the real story…..

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